About Madhurima

Madhurima, formerly (An Establishment of Narain Das & sons) the multi-faceted honeycomb housing the food court, Sweet shop, Banquet and hotel, all under one roof. A name that has been enjoying a pristine image for nearly 2 centuries now.

Since its inception in 1825, we worked hard to offer our clientele best quality products wrapped. We focus on hygiene and proper care of all product quality. Thus… today we possess the reputation of being one of the leading firms in this trade. From a traditional shop in Aminabad, we expanded into a modern ambience in the heart of the city, ever maintaining the original taste, superior quality and utmost standards of hygiene and freshness.

Down the years, we have not just conserved the essence of traditional sweets, but have also catered to the changing taste of modern times-adding that ‘dash of innovation’ to conventional merrymaking. Enjoying a top-notch clientele…today, we are privileged to be recognized far and wide. Because you are the inspiration…we owe it too totally!

About Madhurima Hotel

At Hotel Madhurima, hospitality has been refined to a fine art. In their quest to provide customer satisfaction, the hotel has upgraded its services and facilities and at the same time collects feedback from their myriad guests through in-depth questionnaires, striving to be modern and contemporary, yet always sensitive to guests’ needs, to make them feel at home.Madhurima Hotel also reflects this dualism-value for money with luxury, a reflection of contemporary elegance amidst the traditional hospitality and service making it every business person’s first choice..

Why booking with Madhurima?

Lucknow - once ruled by Nawabs is a city rich with magnificent architecture,

ancient traditions and vibrant culture. Hotel Madhurima is just 4 Kms. from the heart of the business commercial area, Hazratganj, and yet away from the hustle-bustle of the city..

Located opposite HAL,

the hotel provides a comfortable stay and a true business environment. Vivacious, fun-loving, restless, innovative and creative- that’s what a typical Madhurima is. Dualism is the way of life for Madhrurimaians.